[Not] Live from Port Orford, OR

Two handsome kids stole our computer and made a video for our blog! ┬áSurprisingly, they looked a lot like us and were almost as funny–check it out!


2 responses to “[Not] Live from Port Orford, OR

  1. Hi Sam and Henry, it was really nice to see your faces. The written blogs allowed me to take the trip with you, but watching the video took me back to our conversations in my office talking about your vision of what you wanted to do. Following your posts is fun and amazing, but I hope your readers are not missing the point. Interest, enthusiasm, effort are great, but there’s always the bottom line. It takes MONEY to make a difference in people’s lives. DONATE please. Your dollars, dineros, francs, pounds, whatever will go a long way here.

  2. Hey Guys! Good luck on the final leg of your trip!! It’s been amazing to read and follow along on your trip. You guys are not only amazing cyclists but your writing is also great! I always find myself laughing and being motivated by your stories! I’ll continue forwarding and posting your blog around. Looking forward to the next update.

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