The 101

oh the fog...

For the past 11 days or so we’ve been biking ocean-sprayed cliffs, exploring rocky beaches, gawking at enormous conifer sentinels, finding our way in dense fog banks, and grimacing through guardrail-hugging-hairpins.  It’s safe to say, the 101 has become our home, and we’re definitely not complaining.

That being said, the weather seems to have gone whacky again!  It hasn’t been raining or storming, or anything, but it has been cold.  Possibly the coldest it has been on our trip so far, with the exception of Glacier National Park!  Dang, definitely didn’t expect that–plus, it seems that ever since we set rubber to the coast we’ve been shrouded  by fog.  The fog isn’t too bad though, because it makes the scenery much more mysterious and enchanting than it may normally be.  The drawback to the knee-high cloud, however, is that it makes for very hot climbs and icy downhill flights; i end up stopping at the top/bottom of every hill to make a wardrobe change.

In addition to the change in weather, the Pacific Coast Scenic Highway has brought a much welcomed development in our collective state-of-mind.  Still determined to support 4Walls to the best of our abilities, we now have thousands of miles of experience when it comes to talking to strangers, so fundraising comes naturally.  It is no longer something we have to spend time and energy stressing out about.  We’re on the coast.  It’s beautiful.  We’re doing something we believe strongly in, and doing it as best we can–with your help, of course.

Here is a bit about our (and thus 4Walls’) new friends and supporters:

Tony is a die-hard surfer.  No matter what the temperature, no matter how big the surf is, if there are waves, Tony is there.  He loves the sport so much that he’ll surf anything that will push his board towards shore.  Not only did Tony put us up for two nights and open his kitchen to the hurricane that is our appetites, he truly welcomed us into the family by showing us the area and…taking us surfing!  Yes, despite the 48 degree Oregon water and 6 inch waves, he took us to “sunset beach” (all we could see was fog), jammed us into wet suits, and handed us a longboard.  As a true champion, he then stood on the beach in shorts and sandals, shouting instructions to us as we crawled to shore upon ripples  lucky to be called waves.   No matter how cold we all were, or how upset we were that Tony’s longboard slipped off the roof of the van on the way home, we all had a blast and will remember the adventure fondly.  Here’s to Tony for exquisite hospitality and for keeping a cool head amidst such an unfortunate event–thanks, brother, for not taking our heads as payment!

Dave, Rob, and Carla are an adventurous trio that own a small printshop in Brookings, OR, and spend every moment they’re not working trying to squeeze excitement out of life.  Although they are 2/3 English (Dave and Rob), and only moved to the states about 14 years ago, they’ve done enough surfing, windsurfing, biking, hiking, and swimming to know more about their surroundings than google maps and the oldest Brookings local combined.  That being said, they had no trouble pointing us up the Chetco river to a glorious swimming hole, or to the monthly art fair so that we could navigate the crowds and do some ‘ol fashioned fundraising.  Thanks Dave, Rob, and Carla for great hospitality, love-saturated vibes, and top-notch local knowledge!

Saying goodbye to the printshop trio

Steve is the eccentric uncle you have who isn’t really related to you by blood, but  is still an integral part of keeping family functions fun and interesting. Friendly, funny, warm, and open, Steve is the ultimate people person who’s stories always end with laughter.  Just like almost all of the people we’ve met on our adventure so far, we were able to learn from him, because Steve is overflowing with passion for a hobby that Sam and i are completely unfamiliar with: growing marijuana.  Yes, Steve’s yard is covered with about 25 chest-high cannabis plants of various varieties, non of which he hesitated to tell us everything about.  Turns out our friendly host has a bad back, so after his doctor prescribed medical marijuana years ago, he decided to invest in some plants and grow it legally himself–that way he wouldn’t have to pay a dispenser every time he needed to refill his prescription.  I had never seen anything like it: a deep love blossomed out of what initially was a medical necessity.  Honestly, i really look forward to finding something in life that i love as much as Steve loves growing his own medical ganja. Thanks Steve, for opening your home to us and giving us yet another experience to remember–i never once thought i’d ever pitch my tent in a cannabis garden!


3 responses to “The 101

  1. welcome to the west coast boys…going to be in So Cal soon. Not enjoying the natural air conditioning???? keep on pedaling!

  2. so you guys did LEAVE this enchanted garden you were sleeping in right? there’s a job to be done, keep it movin’!!

  3. Oh my gosh you were paddle boarding in Oregon waters! That video with Henry’s laughter truly captured the moment!

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