From the land of dinasaurs to where the revolution began: A photographic tour

In a world too delicious to the eye to describe in words, i thought it time for a photo tour.

our journey in the sand, each rock representing a state, not to scale 🙂
a broken view

all we needed now was the little mermaid

fern gulley lives...

The Redwoods: It’s almost impossible to  feel alone in the company of giants. These trees have seen empires burn like campfires, only getting wiser with each halo tattooed on to their stomachs. Predating Christ, the old-growth Redwoods can live up to 3000 years and are designed to survive natural disasters. When their trunks are cut, burned, or destroyed, these tenacious trees release a pheromone to trigger a series of new-growth around the ring of the dead tree, giving it an almost immortal life. These trees have outlived dinasaurs, ice ages, and great fires, and have lived for hundreds of thousands of years with almost no enemies, until about now. Due to the intense logging of our recent past, we only enjoy about 4% of the mystical Redwood Forest. The only natural predator of Redwoods: man.  But thanks to the Save The Redwoods League, we have managed to hold on to and conserve several state and national redwood parks on the west coast.

one of our favorite signs

our slimey companion in the forest

just hangin out in the driftwood

haircut numero dos

our favorite game, ‘hit rock with stick’

the oral tradition survives around the greatest of stages, campfire.

yeah... that big

walkin' under the heavens

"the coldest winter I've ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" - Mark Twain

Rick and company breakin' bread

the fam in san fran

the zen skater in Golden Gate Park

"cement slide" of san francisco - no adults without the supervision of a child

a flower in Aine's communal garden

a king's game in the People's Park

The company we kept: The perfect supplement to any adventure are the companions met along the way, and we have been living in the company of kings.

There was no one else I’d rather share the Redwoods with then my older sister and her husband, Matt and Melinda Armeni. Squeezed comfortably in their truck named ‘Hombre’ they drove over a thousand miles just to rendezvous with us here in the woods, and they made sure to bring the bacon. For three days we explored the forest like our backyard, and the coast, our sandbox. We love you guys, and we can’t wait to see you in San Diego.

Now to San Francisco, where Henry and I were hosted by a most lovely Bay Area family, Heidi and Martin Awesome (since I can’t remember your last name, i dubbed you with a temporary one). They caught us up on recent events (the fires and floods of the east) and cooked us up some delightful culinary treats (macaroons and steak!). Also in the city, we were lucky enough to catch up with one of my camp friends, Rick Raymond. Rick was actaully my counselour once upon a time at Camp Dudley and i haven’t seen him since i was 14, but like all great friendships, time meant nothing, and we jumped right back into the groove. We caught Rick at a crossroad in his life; he’s actually about to leave his work at Greenpeace to move to South Africa for some non-profit work, and of course, to look for an adventure. That being the case, we were able to follow Rick as he finished his San Franciscan bucket list before his grand exit. We jumped in the frigid bay to the wild gasps of onlookers, we schooled some randoms in pickup soccer at Fort Mason, and even rocked out to an 80’s cover band in North Beach. Good times were had. Good luck Rick.

Let’s finish with a little trip to a town called Berkeley. The truest representation of the “Left Coast,” Berkeley is said to be where people from around the globe come to practice democracy. Growing revolution since the 1950s, Berkeley has been at the forefront of almost every civil right’s movement in America. Berkeley has bled for freedom of speech throughout it’s existence, and will continue to fight for as long as there is something worth standing up for. And of course, as we’ve talked about before, Henry and I not only see these new places through our own experience, but through the eyes of those we meet. Our time in Berkeley was spent with a lovely lady name Aine, a family friend of friends, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We cooked, told stories, and learned a great deal from each other. Aine left Ireland at 18 and has been chasing adventure ever since. We thank Aine for her warmth.

And now on to San Mateo, for our first interview of the West Coast, the Daily Journal. We’ll talk soon! Love you guys


9 responses to “From the land of dinasaurs to where the revolution began: A photographic tour

  1. This might be my favorite post yet… it would be amazing if you released all your photos from the trip. I’m sure they are unbelievable!!!

  2. chess….niiiiice. That game is so DIFFICULT.

    That slide looks extremely scary/intimidating. Henry, you didn’t actually slide down that thing, did you?

    Hitting rocks with sticks is fun. Also, just throwing rocks is interesting too…like to see how far they can go….

  3. BEST Photo Journey Ever! You two are a DEElight, miss your cornchip scent already 🙂

  4. Just wanted to say “thank you” for visiting and appreciating the redwoods and mentioning us in your blog! Have fun on your travels.


    Hello Sam, I hope you are doing just great. I can tell you have lots of stories to talk about it. What a wonderful job you and your friend are doing!!!! I hope to have the chance to see you when you arrive sothern California.
    I send you a great hug.

  6. Nice spelling of dinosaur.
    Can’t wait until you guys are down in Los Angeles, it’s so soon now!

  7. Senry and Ham! I just finished catching up on your blog after my month away from the internets in Mongolia! I’m so psyched for you guys and HOLY GUACAMOLE I want to go to Portland. Also, when I got off the 15-hour flight back home, your letters were the first thing I saw, and it gave me much smiles. Sam, please come visit before you head back across with Carli, and Henry please make yourself available to video chat during that time. I miss you both!

  8. p.s. haha carli

  9. “we have been living in the company of kings” – hm, i hope you’ve been in the company of queens, as well. see you guys next week!

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