Barson St’s Exquisite Black Hole

Well, the interview in San Mateo went swimmingly, and has been published here, in the San Mateo Daily Journal.  It was truly a pleasure to cook Heather breakfast and enjoy it together in a beautiful backyard-garden as we talked about our adventure.  Many thanks to Winnie and Sofia for hosting us for a night and allowing us to conduct the interview at their house!

The next day we continued down our favorite highway (the 1, of course) to a little coastal town called Santa Cruz, where we were promptly taken in by the most lovely family you could ever imagine:  a whole house of bright, colorful, energetic UCSC students who are literally down for anything.

Family photos on the wall of 313 Barson St

Stephen (the one who could endearingly be considered the old man of the family) and i whomped around in New Zealand together, so Sam and i were immediately welcomed.  Within minutes we felt like we had just come home to our brothers and sisters and basked together in the luxury of time.  A sunset and just a few waves later, after having been officially inducted into the family, we were, to be honest, beginning to dread our departure from 313A Barson St.

Officially adopted. This is our gorgeous handmade frame on the infamous wall--frame compliments of Keith

But what do ya know, that’s the very moment we were blessed with a message from an 88.1 KZSC radio host who expressed interest in having us on his show!  Not only did we get to stick around and hang with our new mates, but we also managed to land a live, on-the-air interview!  Blistering barnacles, we’ve been in Santa Cruz for so long i’ve cut my fingernails into Stephen’s wastepaper basket two times. twice.  That may be an exaggeration, but i promise, ecstasy swathed our home as we celebrated the interview and good company by making sushi, going to a carnival, and body surfing until we tired out the ocean.

Sam and Keith catching waves

The sushi feast we threw together for family dinner

But yes, information about the radio show!! The radio show is called Talkabout and is aired at 7PM Pacific time on Wednesday, 8/25 on 88.1 KZSC–listen here (click “listen now” in the top right)!! We don’t know too much about it, but we think there will be a part where listeners can call in and ask us questions about our trip/4Walls.  Tune in, enjoy the show, and we’ll throw up a post shortly after we get off the air!  Chur!


One response to “Barson St’s Exquisite Black Hole

  1. Sam! When are you coming through Carlsbad/N. San Diego County?! You guys have got a comfy and welcome place in a beautiful location 2.5mi from pch here with me!!! Shoot me an email/txt and keep me posted! (Fbooking you my # and email). Safe travels down this way!

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