Monthly Archives: September 2010

Solid Ground

i’ve been sitting here staring at this computer screen for damn near a half an hour now with nothing to write. It’s over and i don’t know what to say.

We don’t have to bike tomorrow. In fact we don’t have to bike ever again for all that matters, and honestly, that’s fine with me, because we’re home. 4,942.2 miles and 90 days later, we’ve made it across the country and then some. It’s time to rest our bones.

Together with all of your help we were able to raise over $4000 for 4Walls International. THAT IS AMAZING! Seriously, this money will directly improve the lives of many. Together we are providing an affordable, sustainable and environmentally sound future to those who need it most. We thank you with every ounce of our beings.

and now a moment to share some photos that never made it onto the blog.

got pizza delivered to a random field in Ohio

when a man's got to go, a man's got to go

nice shorts

some super mature kids at the dunes

dogs seem to like me

goofin in glacier

batman signal PB&J

real gangsters ride bikes at 3AM up a mountain

we are #2 buddies

Goodbye for now and we love you all dearly.