Los Caballeros

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, all the campfire stories you’ve heard about Samuel Alan McLaughlin are true…in fact, he and his sister Melinda were raised by two loving parents in Baltimore, Maryland!  Gives me the willies just thinking about it.  But seriously, contrary to popular belief, Samuel is actually a real person, and is on track to graduate from Franklin and Marshall College this May.  Although he has been studying theatre for the past four years and his drama skills are sharper than Leonardo’s katanas, Sam has begun to focus most of his time and energy on raising people’s awareness of environmental issues.  Specifically, Sam worked for Greenpeace last summer, kicked off a student initiative at F&M called Camping for Change, and is currently writing/producing a bad-ass PSA on plastic water bottles.  His other interests include writing poetry, shredding the concrete wave, sweet talking your mother, and greeting strangers with warm hellos.

Henry Joseph Fandel IV… don’t be fooled be the title, even though there are literally 3 other like him, our Henry is truly one of  a kind in a full house. You couldn’t measure his kindness even on the Richter scale. Raised in New Jersey by Hank and Hilary Fandel, Henry is honestly one of the more genuine people you could ever hope to meet in life. There really isn’t enough I can say about this man, I mean he literally goes  from dominating on the ice rink, as ice hockey captain, to gently serenading the ladies with his ukulele. He is a poet, an Animal Behavior major, and a playwright (in fact, he just got his first original one act play, Meat Me Half Way, selected to be directed by our college). His pursuit of knowledge led him to participate in a semester long field study in New Zealand, conduct an independent study on dominance roles in Leopard Geckos, and even write and produce a PSA about the role and benefits of Organic Farming. The only thing more balanced than Henry is the yin yang itself. This is Henry Fandel, a true man of men.


One response to “Los Caballeros

  1. Hey Hen, I just got notice of your adventures through my dear old sister – and mother of your coolest friend – my nephew Lee Ingersoll Griffin the 1st – one and only!!

    OK back to you….what is the status of your trip? I seem to be reading the blog backwards. did you go yet or are you leaving after graduation? Dumb question I guess….So when do you start? I’ll keep up with ya….and if I had any spare money from the student loan I am getting for acupuncture school I’d send it along but well…..got none to send.

    Love and the Dao (that is the ying AND yang of it) – Liz

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